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Class Details & Pricing

Registration Fee:  Annual registration fees ($30 per child or $75 per family) must be paid prior to students attending any class, group, or private session. Thank you for your cooperation.


'Trial' Class Fees: $15 per child ($20 for 90-minute & 2-hour classes)


Absences Policy:  The Gymnastics Factory cannot offer make-ups for families who miss a weekly class.  We will offer one (1) open gym pass per session as compensation for missed classes*.  No exceptions will be permitted.


*Students registered through the Grayslake Park District & special group participants are not eligible for this offer.




Mom & Mini (18-months to 3 years) - Boys & Girls                      

10 Weeks: $130

This class focuses on bouncing, jumping, crawling and laughing. Great for strength, balance and fun with a parent or caregiver.
(45-minute class each week)


Intro to Gymnastics (3-4 Year-Olds) - Boys & Girls

10 Weeks: $130

Develop gymnastics skills, including balance, endurance and strength.
(50-minute class each week)


LEVEL 1 Girls

(Ages 5 - 7)

(Ages 8 & up)

10 Weeks: $135

Learn gymnastics skills & techniques. Develop confidence through conditioning strength and flexibility.
(1-hour class each week)


LEVEL 2 Girls (7 – 12 Year-Olds)

10 Weeks: $135

Further advancement and continued development of gymnastics skills and techniques. Emphasis placed on strength, endurance and flexibility.
(1-hour class each week)


X-Cel (ADVANCED) Girls

10 Weeks: $185 (One 120-minute class per week)

10 Weeks: $325 (Two 120-minute classes each week)

Advanced gymnastics skills development to prepare for team competition.


Jr. X-Cel (Ages 5-7) Girls

10 Weeks:  $165 (One 90-minute class each week)



10 Weeks: $135

This program is designed to help boys develop strength, flexibility and coordination. Learn gymnastics skills on boys equipment and improve athletic ability in other sports while developing self-confidence.

(1-hour class each week)


TUMBLING (Boys & Girls, unless noted)


Beginning Tumbling (1-hour class each week)                 10 Weeks: $140

Advanced Tumbling (90-minute class each week)           10 Weeks: $165

Boys Tumbling (1-hour class each week)                        10 Weeks: $140


Parkour (Boys & Girls)

10 Weeks: $140

Forms of movement that require flow, agility, and general air awareness.

(1-hour class each week)


Intro to Tricking (Boys & Girls)

10 Weeks: $140

A form of tumbling that incorporates various styles of martial arts, break dancing, and gymnastics into the art of movement.  "If you're not kicking, you're not tricking!"


Ninja Warrior & Little Ninjas Classes (Boys & Girls) - 10 Weeks: $140

(Little Ninjas classes for ages 4 - 6)

1-hour class each week


HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTS (Off-Season Workouts)

**Call 847-223-1555 for days and rates.

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