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SPRING 10 Weeks April 1 - 6 thru June 3 - 8


Registration Fee:  Annual registration fees ($30 per child or $75 per family) must be paid prior to students attending any class, group, or private session. We will prorate up to two weeks per session before classes begin (dates must be provided at registration).  The Gymnastics Factory will no longer issue cash or credit card refunds.  We do not do make-up lessons.  You are entitled to 2 Open Gym Passes for one missed class per session.


Absences Policy: Credit for missed classes due to injury/severe illness will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Thank you for your cooperation.





   MINI & ME (18 Months to 3 Years)

   10  Weeks: $170

   Coordination class focuses on bouncing, jumping, crawling, and laughing.  Great for strength, balance, and fun with a parent or caregiver.

   (45-minute class each week)


    3 & 4 YEAR-OLD

   10 Weeks: $170

   Introduction to gymnastics equipment.  Students develop balance, endurance, and strength.

   (50-minute class each week)


    LEVEL 1 GIRLS (5 - 7 Years or 8 - 12 Years)

  10 Weeks: $170

   Learn gymnastics skills & techniques. Develop confidence through conditioning strength and flexibility.
   (1-hour class each week)


     LEVEL 2 GIRLS (7 - 12 Years)

    10 Weeks: $170

    Further advancement and continued development of gymnastics skills and techniques. Emphasis placed on strength, endurance and flexibility.
   (1-hour class each week)


    ADVANCED LEVEL 2 GIRLS (7 - 12 Years)

   10 Weeks: $170


    X-CEL (Advanced Gymnastics)

   10 Weeks: $370 (2-hour class twice per week)

   Advanced training/development of gymnastics skills in preparation for team competition.


    NCL 3 (Non Competing Level 3)

  10Weeks: $200 (2-hour class once per week) or $360 (2-hour class twice per week)



   10Weeks: $170 1-hour class)

   It's never too late to get started!  Learn balance, endurance, strength, and gain confidence.




    Mini Tumblers (4 - 6 years; 1-hour class each week).  10 weeks: $180

    Beginning Tumbling (1-hour class each week).  10 Weeks: $180

    Intermediate Tumbling (1-hour class each week).  10 Weeks: $180

    Advanced Tumbling (1-hour class each week). 10 Weeks: $180


    Ninja Warrior

   10 Weeks: $180

   Master forms of movement to develop agility, subtlety, and precision.

  (1-hour class each week)


    Mini Ninja's (4 - 6 years)

   10 Weeks: $180

   Strengthen developing core muscles, agility, and flexibility.

  (1-hour class each week)





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